A selection of 35mm responses to the given brief set, examining narratives of flower sentiments and the relationship between self and object. Flickering between the outside and in, the depictions portray the fragility of flowers and subject. The stems securely held mimc the passing of a bouquet to another, somewhat suggesting an offering to the onlooker as if the purpose of the work is to resolve projected discretion. Engaged by Tarkovsky and Kawauchi use of text in relation to imagery, the website produced entitles each set after search engine results for flower sentiments. A play upon the resolution flowers yield in terms of resolving human error. Reflecting upon the website built, perhaps with more time text would be included to support the sets. Yet, I am uncertain if sensible given the current body of work uploaded to the website, having selected Cargo for its minimal design layout. Overall having developed me own presence within photography as a medium, finding balance between shooting for the requirements set whilst for my own leisure. To expand shooting with medium format would allow for comparison yet for the rapidness of such a short project, 35mm granted myself the flexibility to shoot in motion without any limiting tendencies.







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