Refining concepts regarding intrusion upon my surroundings, I redirected my attention to myself and banal elements found within my room. Depicting aspects in which are often overlooked by a viewer if shown individually, yet yield importance when held directly towards the viewer. Combining identity with environment forming self portraits within my surroundings and fixating upon intrusion conceptually. However successful, compared to previous test shoots the outcomes as a whole do not fulfil the concept I wish to portray. Redirecting my attention to finalising edits of past shoots to four final outcomes, fulfilling the brief of environment.









Furthering concepts surrounding intrusion upon my personal environment, I opted to document myself at a different period of the day to cover all perspectives. Reflecting myself in my room again, using only my laptop as a light source produces an almost cinematic feel as if we are witnessing me from the outside in. However successful, I am unsure if the outcomes provide the narrative and concept I desire to portray and will return to documenting in natural daylight – exploring other elements of my bedroom, whilst collectively forming four final photographs.




Inspired by the outcomes from a previous test shoot documenting my partner and the work of Francesca Woodman, I returned to my own personal environment now including myself and beloved cat. Introducing myself into the environment drew narrative, forming connections between myself and the details documented behind whilst reflecting my interests and love for animals/plants.



A hint of juxtaposition radiates through my choice of a monotone dress contrasting against my B&W cat, conducting an element of surrealism, especially in the shot of the cat standing. Engrossed by intrusion, I will refine documenting other sections of my bedroom further to finalise my work into four outcomes based conceptually upon personal yet everyday surroundings.



Test Shoot / Simon



Further responses documenting an environment through a DSLR. Depicting presence with a subject and without, combined with the use of natural light and artificial which contrasts against banal details and the subject within. The chosen subject being my partner which allowed me to intrude upon his surroundings without limitations.



Documenting his personality through objects found within his room and himself whilst fixing his beloved fixed gear. The outcomes collectively compose a series forming a narrative as if we are witnessing a “day in the life” of Simon. The hazy lighting depicts a nostalgic presence, somewhat playing upon the distance between myself and Si. Engrossed with the idea of intruding upon personal environments and the feedback received, I intend to refine concepts and outcomes to depict myself within my own surroundings.






B&W Darkroom Intro


An introduction into B&W darkroom printing – producing a contact sheet for the film shot previously and a final print from a selected negative. In hindsight further care should’ve been taken when handling the negative as dust marks can be seen within the final print. The introduction allowed myself to analyse the outcomes in more detail now composed upon a contact sheet, a slight amount seem underexposed.


B&W medium format provides tones and contrast in which are vital within the New Topographics. Yet, currently digital has proved most successful in conduction with the narrative provided. With intentions to further direct my shoots on nearby surroundings and explore other subjects and their environments medium format may emphasise my concept and will be considered.

Test shoot / Details II



Continuing with responses to previous research, I further photographed areas of my environment through a DSLR – focusing directly upon depicting presence through banal imagery. Natural light proved most successful, depicting presence without including the use of myself as a subject. Essences of myself are exposed through everyday life, noted in the rail of clothes and banal objects in which have no significance to another but form their own presence through the natural hazy daylight. Whilst exploring the narrative of capturing presence of a place without the use of a subject, I will further shoot in other environments possibly with subjects and highlighting the everyday objects within their rooms. Comparing the outcomes and finalising the route in which I wish to refine.





Photo Series/Photo Essay

Taken with iPhones, a simple task to explore the differences of a Photo Essay and a Photo series in pairs. Depicting our surroundings on a timescale, opting to shoot nearby mundane banal locations from two perspectives – within the car and outside. Combining the two elements to form a photo series highlighting the everyday.



Inside – Larnie Bridges



Outside – Rebecca Clark

Digital Workshop



An introduction into the use of digital through a Canon DSLR, exploring depth of field and focal lengths. Inspired by street photography, we were set to document the public through portraits. Struggling to find the confidence to confront subjects, I opted to shoot the public from afar taking advantage of the focal lengths provided.

Unable to identity the subjects, the outcomes depict a less inviting twist on a self portrait and detachment from the viewer and the subject themselves. The combined use of colour and large depth of field emphasises the details of the subject and surrounding elements.

Struggling to undertake the task set, I prefer to develop the brief through concepts reflecting urban elements supported by the rawness of medium format and 35mm film. Granted, the workshop enlightened ourselves upon the importance of depth of field and the use of a digital camera.