Six responses to the given brief of “Image Making”, a collection of analog to digital stills, conveying the relationship between adolescence and mental health. A document of myself revisiting a location with significance past and present. Visually, the outcomes reflect abstracted portraits of myself in the midst of a clouded eye from static states, henceforth the title. Emulating honestly towards the staleness of an anxiety disorder, evidently questioning the decisive moment recorded.

Engaged by Fiona Tann’s use of found imagery, in which relies upon our own recognition in a means to portray identification of the figures. Bonded with my own subject matter in relation to mental health and the role adolescence plays, heavily influencing the direction of rekindling with past family archives. Now comfortable with numerous formats with experience from previous units. Test shoots ranged from 35mm to 120mm whilst documenting archival footage through digital practices. The merge of medias expanded upon the eyes perceptive, breaking away from conventional layouts and forming responses with can be conceived as a crossover to fine art practices. Including stills adapted from the 8mm film adds depth in regards to context, an inkling to the past. Mostly proving to my success in regards to the concept, yet in reflection further exploration of other environments would of only emphasised upon the debate in question. 

An overall portrayal of myself reconnecting with an area of significance, displayed as diptychs streaming narrative and the fragility although short lived of depersonalisation. Yet, to be acknowledged the responses are not to be perceived as vulnerable, only to show clarity in regards to methods of combating “low spells” whilst reminiscing in the past. An almost homage to my fathers obsession of documenting my childhood daily. The juxtaposition between the six outcomes reflect a subverted reality of reconnecting with youthful moments. The sentimental properties manifest distinctly throughout the series unavoidably, a timeline of events and a continuation upon the archive already in motion. 


Spreads created using indesign – showing an example of the minimalist layout previously desired. Perhaps the inclusion of text may support the body of work further conceptually, in which I will consider upon the final edit. Alongside the exploitation of archival imagery to embrace the reflection of revisiting previous surroundings to provide context.


Interconnecting the previous environment with another of significance, documenting through 35mm ensuring a wider perspective. The outcomes relate to the discussed brief regarding the relation of place and the role adolescent plays upon mental health. Taken between the local reserve and bedroom, both safe places to myself with relevance to my up bringing. A recording to the eye of a static mind in peak moments of stale states. Reflecting the dream like haze which depersonalisation transmits. Referring again to past photographers encouragement, challenging the perception of the human eye whilst questioning a portrait. 


A small insight into recent travels shot on 35mm. The photographs are an honest reflection of my time spent in Amsterdam, a place in which I struggled to grasp. Noticeably the lack of aggravation by locals over the leftover remnants of others, directing my gaze mostly out of frustration. The intentions were to photograph myself in a new environment with no previous history, comparing to a past space in which hindered specific memories with. Regrettably, the outcomes are not ideal in regards to the context stated. In hindsight, possibly returning to the photographs through collage and mixed media would perhaps increase their facets and context.


Mental Health – a taboo subject as such, yet in recents years a matter in which has become spoken widely for. Expressed through social media, helping raise awareness towards the importance of our wellbeing. 

‘1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year.’
(Mind, the mental health charity – help for mental health problems, 2013)

In response to the brief set, my attention will confront the role in which adolescence plays. How ourselves as children were once oblivious to the now more self aware individuals we have grown into. Confronting my own upbringing, resulting in the documentation of past places which yield significance to myself vividly. Outcomes will introduce text image relation with means to explore archival footage and found imagery, in a bid to revisit upbringing in affiliation to depersonalisation.