An continuation upon previous shoots regarding the introduction of subjects, shot again on 35mm during a short cycle with a close friend. The use of a prism predominantly merges surrounding perspectives, simliar to past shoots mimicking double exposures. Granted, the outcomes combine the presentation of flowers to the onlooker yet conceptual lack the fragility desired.


Continuing practices specifically around other subjects besides myself, shot during a short ramble around a nature reserve locally on 35mm. The use of a prism rendered light, alternating perspectives whilst reflecting surroundings mimicking double exposures. Withdrawing from the use of flowers subtracted from the narrative accumulated within previous shoots. However unsuccessful, the outcomes do conduct youthfulness simliar to notions carried within past work.


Following the previous shoot regarding flower sentiments, shot upon 35m within the proximity of my home and surrounding garden. Outcomes correspond between the outside and in whilst amidst the placement of specific flowers presented by myself. Somewhat suggesting an invitation or offering to the environment/viewer to participate. Incorporating the use of a glass paper weight again to blend light, withdraws sections of the compositions whilst challenging the viewers perspective of the moment, stimulating an unconscious state. With movement provoking a sense of passing, hindering the previous projects adaptations of growing adolescence. To expand upon future shoots, subjects will be introduced beside myself with consideration to the narrative in question and the relationship between form and fragility of flowers.


Pursing adaptations of flower sentiment, shot upon location through 35m. Outcomes introduce close subjects alongside myself, predictably presenting flowers to stimulate contextual intentions in regards to provoking narrative around fragility. Witnessing the stems frail nature by demonstrating their attempts to withstand waters. Withdrawing part of the frame with a floral paper weight transcends light and colour balance casting age to the series whilst enriching the grain. With consideration practices will continue with subjects, specifically female whilst fixating upon hands as a means of presentation  in coloration to form.


On the basis of previous feedback in regards to shooting wider, current work evolves around narrative of flower sentiments documented by 35mm. Continuing with previous use of hands as a method of projection of oneself, whilst combining as a means of presentation of the gypsophila. Compositions hinder simliar portrayals of Mona Kuhn’s abstracted forms within frames. Flickering between the outside and in, familiar settings provoke narrative around fragility of flowers. The stems mimic the presentation of passing over a bouquet to another. Granted not an evident concept, yet with further research the project will evolve around the language of flowers in relation to personal adaptations of their means. With consideration to light and experiments involving prisms to retract elements of the frame.