Evaluation / A Safe Place

“A Safe Place”

Four final responses to the given brief of “Environment”, exploring various approaches from analog to digital whilst refining concepts regarding the everyday. Conceptually focused upon intrusion and depicting presence of myself within my surroundings, inviting the viewer in to explore these private playful moments in which I felt most comfortable to express myself naturally in, thus regarding as “a safe place”.

Mesmerised by Edmund Clark’s fixation upon banal objects and Francesca Woodman’s environmental portraits, these domestic spaces influenced my own practice heavily. Noted within a number of test shoots taken over the seven week period – from documenting objects in which are often overlooked, to the elements of my bedroom which hinder an uncanny presence of past eras.

Granted, both photographers used analog to support their practices. However, challenging myself I explored new mediums and after attending a number of digital workshops began shooting numerous test shoots with a Canon 5D Mark ii, ensuring the rawness I desired could be documented through digital outcomes- proving successful.

Including myself as a the main subject within the final four photographs, depicts the viewer as a trespasser, bare witnessing from the outside in, as if you are the intruder upon a private moment. The authenticity can be questioned, however documenting myself alongside my beloved cat and the frequent change in poses signifies the natural characteristics you cannot forge.

Hints of juxtaposition radiates within my choice of a monotone dress contrasting against my B&W cat, displaying surrealistic notions. Whilst reducing eye contact to the lens (viewer), supports the concept of intrusion further to these off guarded happenings.

The outcomes as a whole produce a series of environmental portraits, immersing you into my surreal world and love for past eras, expressed heavily within the repetition of the outdated yet hypnotising wallpaper. Connections between myself and the slight details hindering in the background exposes my interests and loves for the natural world also. Finally, all outcomes were furthered adjusted through Lightroom using presets to mute the colours and age them.

The final photographs acknowledge the brief set, responding to an exploration of space and environment. Yet, with more time I would explore other subjects within their environments to help refine concepts regarding intrusion as self portraits came with minor obstacles. An example, using the inbuilt camera timer meant focusing and adjusting each shot – a very lengthly process and limited by natural daylight.